Imagine a fleet of vehicles advertising your business throughout Austin and surrounding cities. We offer your business a mobile advertising space with unmatched exposure. Mobile advertising is generally used due to the perceived benefits such as being able to deliver a message in places that other static billboards are unable to. They also offer a median that doesn’t get cluttered by other advertisements. Many find it advantageous that the message is less likely to be tuned out by drivers than other advertising medians.

Over the years traffic in Austin has worsen, which means more exposure for your ad! We spend an average of 15 hours a week in-car, either as driver or passenger. In-car audiences are a vital advertising consideration in all-sized U.S. media markets.

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Rates Chart**

Number of Vehicle 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months +
1 $600 $500 $400
2 $550 $500 $400
3 $500 $450 $400
4 $450 $400 $400
5+ $400 $350 $300

*Rates are on a per vehicle basis
*Rates do not include production & installation fee (See FAQ below)


What type of functions are Mobile Advertising used for?
Mobile Advertising yield the best results when used for:

• Special Events • Grand Openings • Conventions • Career Fairs • Holidays
• College Events • Retail Promotions • Political Events • Corporate Branding

How far in advance should I schedule my advertising campaign?
At least 2 weeks! We recommend a month to avoid any rush charges in production. However, we can get your campaign on the road within 5 days, although rush charges may apply.
How many hours will the vehicle run per day?
Our vehicles are usually on the road for about 8-12 hours a day.
Is there a predetermined Route?
Be aware! Our routes are not predetermined.

How do I get started?

Send your request to or call 512-739-2675. You will then receive information via e-mail to get started.

What are the rates?
Our rates ranges from $300 to $600 per month. Pricing is based on length of time your Ad will be displayed. Production and installation pricing ranges from $150 to $300. Payment is required before project can begin.

What is included in the rate?
All expenses for the driver, fuel, insurance, travel and advertising installation are included in the rate. What we quote is what you are charged without hidden charges.

Where is the advertising placed on each vehicle?
We have a fleet of van to choose from ranging from a Toyota Sienna to a Dodge Caravan


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