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Booking Policies & Disclaimer
Reservations must be made 48 hours before scheduled pick up time. Please call 512 550 8337 for availability with less than 48 hour notice.
City Transport Services requires a cancellation by phone (512 550 8337) 24 hours prior to service for scheduled pickups. Any cancellation not made within the required time by phone will be charged the full rate of the scheduled trip. Trips booked for three (3) hours or greater require a 50 percent deposit at the time of booking. This becomes non-refundable 2 days prior to start time. New Year’s Eve reservations and other holiday and special events requires a 7 day notice for cancellation.
Point to Point
A point to point ride is defined as pick up at one address in one city and drop off at one address in the same or another city. Point to point rides are also commonly referred to as transfers, pick up and drop off or simply pick and drop. No extra stops, waiting time, driving around, or any other type of extra services are included in our point to point rides published rates or estimates/quotes (unless otherwise mentioned). Any last minute changes in itinerary and or routing will result in additional charges and/or a change to hourly service.
Hourly as directed service is also commonly referred to as hourly service, hourly charter or simply charter. All hourly as directed rates published on as well as estimates/quotes include unlimited number of stops as long as the pick up and drop off addresses are not beyond a 30 miles radius our office. All charters start at the scheduled pick up time and end when all passengers have left the vehicle. Extra time for charters is calculated and billed in 30(thirty) minutes increments with fractions rounded to the next 30(thirty) minutes interval.

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